Accelerate your technology with up to $290,000* per project

*up to $40,000 discretionary funding and up to $250,000 of consulting services from Deloitte



Modernize the banking industry with a variety of blockchain applications

Artificial Intelligence

Introduce greater financial inclusion and greater responsiveness of financial organizations through AI

Advanced Analytics

Improve outreach, reduce risk, manage fraud, and improve performance


Solve the first customer problem

17 years of experience with the MIT Media Lab Entrepreneurship Program has taught us that companies with a first customer perform better than companies that launch, and then try to find a customer.

Adjust product/market fit

Customer interactions and field research can help adjust the shape of your idea so that it is better aligned to solve a problem in the real world.

Refine your technology

Many technologies reach the point of "proven science" but need additional engineering before a product or service can be launched into the market.  

Key Deadlines

We are accepting proposals for our 2018 cycle of companies. See key deadlines below

December 12: call opens

January 12: 1-page proposals due

February 2: program launch

Intellectual Property

No additional claim on IP

The Translational Innovation Alliance provides a pedagogically-sound framework for project development.  The participating sponsors do not gain any IP claims beyond what they may have as members of other sponsorship arrangements (e.g., the Media Lab consortium, directed research programs, etc.).   

Coordination with TLO

If your project utilizes IP that is based on research at MIT you are advised to contact MIT’s Technology Licensing Office to check that it is available for future licensing, and to discuss whether it may be possible to license it from MIT in the future. Use the general TLO Mailbox  and subject heading: TLO Licensing question.