Challenge Areas

Financial & Digital Inclusion

  • Financial products / services for rural and semi-urban customers
  • New business models to support rural and semi-urban customers
  • Housing construction platform 
  • Customer service and financial advisory on basic feature phones (not smartphones)
  • Single digital identity & resolving customer mobile phone changes

Data Analytics

  • New capabilities around sales forecasting for financial services businesses
  • Business lending transformation (analytic models as well as business models)
  • Stress testing, economic modeling and model risk management
  • Risk assessment & risk management of financial assets
  • New approaches to valuing & tracking intangible assets
  • Electricity grid economic dispatch (financial planning through predictive analytics)

Digital Transformation

  • Deliver financial intermediary services at less than 1% AUM
  • Digital management & disposal of collateral assets for loans
  • Virtual bank branch
  • Personal cash flow management app and other customer-facing financial tools

Enabling Technologies: NLP, AR, VR, and more

  • Speech-to-text/speech-to-data in multiple dialects (e.g., India)
  • Speech recognition and facial recognition for customer assessment & onboarding
  • Augmented/virtual reality for a “retail-like” experience (e.g., digital branch)
  • Fuzzy-matching algorithms for data hygiene
  • New models and methods of digital identity

Other Fintech Applications

We will also consider other projects that use blockchain, AI, data/analytics, and/or IoT technologies for financial innovation.


Applications are open for AI, blockchain, and analytics-related projects seeking support from the Translational Innovation Alliance.